North of Lucca


General Comments


(6/06) – We did the Campaiana Ring walk on a beautiful spring day two days ago on June 5. It was spectacular. The next day we set off following your directions for the “Garfagnana Walk” and want to report that when you begin the hike the first turn left is CAI 58 but at this point, there is also a sign CAI 56 to the right (which we took for the ring walk). A bit later where you mention “an old stone farm building on the right (currently a chicken coop), the path forks near a wooden cross. Take the right fork, signed to CAI 56 and Campaiana.” This must be a typo because the trail is CAI 58 but because of the earlier right fork it is a bit confusing.

We were drenched on this day by heavy rain showers and were very pleased to come to the Rifugio Isera. It is now a lovely building with a fireplace and and a cafe complete with espresso machine! There was a warm fire going and it was the perfect place to dry out and wait for the rain to slacken a bit. This Rifugio is new and has a large space for camping.

The Albergo La Baita is lovely and the whole area was a wonderful find for us. Bellissima! Thanks for the introduction via your book. We have both editions.
—Bobby Righi, Seattle, WA